What Is True Love? 

We all want things in our life but quite often we haven’t got a clue what it really is and why we want it so bad. Love is the BIGGEST one of these!
It makes us feel so SO good when we are in love with life and/or with another person, yet we often find ourselves regularly without it in our lives and cut off from it somehow, even if others around us seem to be always surrounded by it! 
Perhaps they have a better understanding and appreciation of it somehow than we do?
Wouldn’t it be better to get to the roots of TRUE Love first, so we may have more of a idea & plan for how to actually go about attracting this something into our life?
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Looking for answers and solutions for all of our problems outside of ourselves externally is a global epidemic. It never leads us to where we want to get to, and only usually just brings us back around again eventually exactly to where we started from.
Instead of looking and searching so hard to find the true love that we seek on the outside, why don’t we try practicing and doing something different for a change? 
Will this make a difference, what if True Love really is something we must find inside of ourselves before we are able to truly find it on the outside of ourselves?
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We hear the word love all the time, it’s everywhere, but at the same time it seems to be the least understood part of life, yet the most talked about in all of the arts, movies, books, speeches, conversations, letters etc.
So what really is True Love?
We die without it, but we soar when we live it! We want it so badly, yet we often do everything we can to run and hide from it.
Can we answer this question on our own, once we remember and FEEL again what its actually like to have this same love for ourselves every day of our lives?
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Thank you and Mahalo Always,
We. Are. Love.
The Heart Energy Medicine Tribe
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