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A dream born and forged through a deep love for living life to the max!

Aloha. My name is Marc Shackman, also known as Kumooja Banyan Tree.

I am here to play a role in your life journey if we are called together to do so. For I already made the choice long ago to dedicate my life to simply add as much value as I can to other people’s’ lives, and therefore my own, to assist You to help yourself to remember again your own unique truth and powerful destiny that inevitably awaits. One rooted in Soul connection and a deep level of Trust. To guide you to guide yourself back to Freedom, back to Happiness and ultimately back to a state of Infinite Love and Blissfulness. Nothing less than that. So that you can unlock the tools to show you how to live your dream life.

To re-ignite and re-spark the creativity within your own Heart space, to re-Inspire magic, re-Energize and re-Empower You, to clear away for yourself the dark clouds and illusory fears still holding you back, so you are more able to Remember your true life’s purpose.

That you are Really here to design and create your Dream life with your own hands, through Action, committed Focus and Heart-felt Intention. To use your own precious gifts to choose Now consciously to participate in this life, as the master creator that you Are. As there are really no limits to what we can do in this game of life together, when we can work as one family, one community and with the deep rooted mentality of unlimited abundance sourced infinitely from within our own selves.

For the only thing holding you back right now is You, the choices you make everyday and what you believe about yourself and what you tell yourself daily you are capable of.

So I look forward to meeting with you all very much very soon, when the right moment calls and the Great Spirit leads us to work together, and we are forever blessed with each others presence and divine light, to share in a mutual healthy balanced exchange of the giving and receiving of sacred energy, and to journey a part of this beautiful life together.

Remember, the Heart Energy Medicine Revolution is already here.

The only question then Really worth asking yourSelf is, are you Ready for it? And if not, that’s okay, because I then now ask, will you then at least be willing to make sure you are Ready for it tomorrow?


Mitakuye O’ Yasin (All My Relations)

Mahalo Ke Akua



Marc Shackman



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