Just 7 days left of our Limited Sacred Mythic Journey March Special Discount Offering. So grab hold of it while you can! Check it out here! This will save you literally an additional more than US$800 on top of the already heavily discounted offer price that we have running! This opportunity however will only last through to the end of March 2017… Then it will be returning to its normal

The big count down has begun towards the summer months of 2017, with a hand & heart picked adventurous group of you… Our courageous team of soul voyagers, to the Andes Mountains of Peru & Bolivia and the Amazon Rainforest. Where we will be flying off for 14 Days or 28 days for a modern day vision quest of a lifetime together.   What’s even better is the good news we

How To Live Your Life Purpose – What Is My Purpose In Life So on to the big question of what we want to do with our lives. What is the purpose of your life? How do we know when we are living our life purpose? Find out the answer by clicking HERE and listening to this week’s brand new inspirational Heart Energy Medicine Life Lesson.   If we don’t

One of the biggest theme’s for discussion we encounter here at Heart Energy Medicine, is the topic of how to hold on to love and keep love when one finds it. The truth is, is that you don’t ever need to hold on to love, in fact this is kind of absurd to say so, because you ARE love already.   All you need to do is CHOOSE love. That’s

 https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=TW-7QtfgLME Seasons Greetings Well it’s that time of year again when we close the old version of ourselves to make way for the new version of ourselves. Where we make endless streams of New Year’s resolutions and Christmas promises… only to break them a few weeks/months later! All absolutely with great intentions behind them no doubt, but for most part unfortunately without enough fuel to make them last the entire

What Is True Love?  We all want things in our life but quite often we haven’t got a clue what it really is and why we want it so bad. Love is the BIGGEST one of these! It makes us feel so SO good when we are in love with life and/or with another person, yet we often find ourselves regularly without it in our lives and cut off from

Due to special request from a good number of you asking for more time over the holiday and new year season! …We have decided to extend the Heart Energy Medicine tribe special launch discount offer of $197 for The Ayahuasca Academy’s 12 Module Pre-Ceremony Integration Program… …which will now be ending at 11:59pm sharp on 21st January 2017 instead. After that The Ayahuasca Academy Pre-Ceremony Program will definitely be going back

It’s that time already it seems! We are now into the home straight for the Heart Energy Medicine tribe special launch discount offer of $197… …which will be ending at 11:59pm sharp on 21st November 2016. After that The Ayahuasca Academy Pre-Ceremony Program will be going back up to its normal price again of $797. We highly suggest that you take advantage of this offer while it is still running.

We have some crazy beautiful news to share with you this week. Guess what? We have just gone Live with our most precious piece of Heart Life Art Yet! The S.H.A.M.A.N School is Now Open To The World! That means, YES, we are now taking applications for our very first Intensive 1-Year Foundation Level 2017/2018 Conscious Leadership, Apprenticeship, Entrepreneur and Shamanic Co-Facilitator Program, on The Big Island of Hawai’i!  

Have you ever found that the most rewarding experiences in your life have always been the ones that involved doing something very risky and scary? Have these been times where you did something ‘against the grain’ if you like, something irrational, something that most other people thought was a crazy thing to do? Most definitely this time of aliveness was when you had no idea of what would happen next.