Due to special request from a good number of you asking for more time over the holiday and new year season!
…We have decided to extend the Heart Energy Medicine tribe special launch discount offer of $197 for The Ayahuasca Academy’s 12 Module Pre-Ceremony Integration Program
…which will now be ending at 11:59pm sharp on 21st January 2017 instead.
After that The Ayahuasca Academy Pre-Ceremony Program will definitely be going back up to its usual price again of $797!
Once again we highly suggest that you reap the benefits of this offer while it is still available.
With our 30 day full money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose at all!
CLICK HERE NOW to activate instantly your 12 Modules of The Ayahuasca Academy Pre-Ceremony Integration Training, to experience its true Magic & Miracles for yourself.
So why not end this year and begin your new 2017 year cycle right now, with an extra stylish ‘bang’ by preparing for your Ayahuasca ceremony in this extremely balanced, healthy and self-empowered way?
…To give yourself a unique gift and perfect introduction & foundation stone to this intensely life-changing and sacred experience…
So you are opening up and allowing yourself to go as deep as possible, and to make it as powerful as you can from the word ‘GO’?!
Just click on the link below to receive your special discount instantly and we’ll see you on the other side of the dream.
Thank you and Mahalo,
We. Are. Love.
The Heart Energy Medicine Tribe


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