Sacred Mythic Journeys

Life is simply what you make out of it!

We promise you one of the most rewarding magically miraculous and transformational sacred mythic journeys of your life.

Each Sacred Mythic Journey’s primary ingredients include: a heart energy medicine 2 day workshop; a 1 day foundational acroyoga expressions workshop; fully guided meditations; soul creative element private consultations; a strict healthy and balanced fresh food, juice and herbal tea diet; the unique opportunity to interact with remote indigenous communities whilst in their ancestral  heartland; a spirit adventure pilgrimage trek to an isolated local power spot; and 3 or more days and nights of powerful shamanic plant medicine ceremony, all in very high energy locations, with the full support and assistance from an experienced team of both traditional and modern day shamans (healers and inspirational guides).


Happiness is a choice.

Our 14 day and 28 day projects all bridge the gap between the sacred tools, traditions and ancient wisdom teachings of our ancestors, with their balanced and effective application and integration into the new modern world paradigm and reality that we now live together in today.

Re-learn and Re-discover now the forgotten secrets to Being your dreams, Connecting with the unconditional love that is already within yourself, Choosing real happiness, Manifesting lasting wealth, and Finding personal success in the world.

We have the power to be happy whenever we choose to be. Our happiness does not rely on anything external, it is an internal state of mind and conscious decision.

Following the 2012 landmark shift in consciousness, it has now come the time in our own humanity’s evolution that we learn to take responsibility for our own happiness, instead of depending upon someone or something else on the outside to do it for us. The question is, how to live your dream life? The answer is, become your dream life.

We are now ready to become the new ‘homo-luminous’ beings we were born to be. Where by focusing the mind and opening the heart with trust, we are not only able to control our actions, but our own emotions and thoughts as well.

–So if you currently find yourself feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed with life not knowing what really to do next or what to focus your energies on.

– if you no longer feel happy to live an ordinary, normal life, however comfortable and easy you may feel it has become for you to stay there.

– if you feel you need a big change of some kind in the way you are living your life but are unsure exactly what that should be.

– if you have the curiosity to want to dive head first all the way into your subconscious mind, to heal, remove, release and confront old blockages, past wounds and/or negative repetitive cycles you have noticed are still there somewhere happening over and over and over again.

– if you have recently made the conscious decision to face head on the fears and anxieties that are preventing you from connecting with your magical, miraculous and mythical self.

– if you are feeling restricted and trapped in some way from living life to your full potential, but are unsure exactly what is holding you back

– or if you are in need of and searching for a new vision for the next stage of your life journey.

Then look no further, one of our Six Intensive Sacred Mythic Journeys in North, Central, or South America could be just the next big adventure that you have been waiting for, or more importantly than that, has been waiting for you!