Have you ever found that the most rewarding experiences in your life have always been the ones that involved doing something very risky and scary?

Have these been times where you did something ‘against the grain’ if you like, something irrational, something that most other people thought was a crazy thing to do?

Most definitely this time of aliveness was when you had no idea of what would happen next.

But you trusted and went for it anyway!

Why is that?

And more than this, why is it that leaping into the unknown or taking a big leap of faith is necessary a lot of the time, and goes hand-in-hand to generating success and abundance in the World around us?

Living on the edge is all about getting out of one’s comfort zone. It is where the magic and miracles happen.

It is where we feel most alive and are able to really open ourselves up to receiving that something that we have never had before!

But what does living on the edge really mean?

When we can learn to live on the edge we are able to truly trust ourselves and the universe to support us and give us what we ask for.

Here on the edge, is where we stand the best chance of testing our ability to stay committed to our dreams, and the promises we give to ourselves and others in order to be successful.

So how do we live on the edge and what does it force us to feel and see about life and the World we live in?

What does it teach and show us?

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