One of the biggest theme’s for discussion we encounter here at Heart Energy Medicine, is the topic of how to hold on to love and keep love when one finds it.
The truth is, is that you don’t ever need to hold on to love, in fact this is kind of absurd to say so, because you ARE love already.
All you need to do is CHOOSE love.
That’s like trying to say one has to hold on to one’s own skeleton or skin.
All we have to do is learn how to keep it {Love} in a healthy condition and flowing state, through us & over us, so that we can live our lives most efficiently and effectively.
So how do we do this?
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Have you noticed that if we attempt or try to hold on to something too tightly in life, we only end up losing it?
We often signify love through another person…
Through human relationships
Our relationships only really are mirrors of the exact love that we have with our own selves.
We often forget this important fact.
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Therefore if we smother it, suffocate it, force it or there is a desperate NEED for love…
That which we are not able to give to ourselves on our own, we are essentially pushing it away!
Then what we basically only end up doing is unfortunately smothering, suffocating, forcing it upon others, who cannot live up to our demands of them!
We give a false expectation and responsibility upon the one’s we attempt to love, to make us happy.
Which nobody can ever, and will ever, be able to live up to…
For only you can do that for yourself!
And hence this form of love is weak and will always crumble in the end eventually, and slip away from you, between your tensed up finger like grip.
The strongest love is the love where we are not depending upon anybody or anything outside of ourselves to make us happy.
The strongest love is the type of love that we do not put rigid conditions, demands or expectations upon others, in the way they should experience & express it back to us…
And in the way we want to shape it, or in the way we want them to be, or in the way we want love to behave around us.
We give it total freedom to express itself the way it needs to. We let go completely and release our grip upon it. We learn to trust it.
Instead it becomes an experience.
A dance.
A way of life.
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