We have some crazy beautiful news to share with you this week.
Guess what?
We have just gone Live with our most precious piece of Heart Life Art Yet!
The S.H.A.M.A.N School is Now Open To The World!
That means, YES, we are now taking applications for our very first Intensive 1-Year Foundation Level 2017/2018 Conscious Leadership, Apprenticeship, Entrepreneur and Shamanic Co-Facilitator Program, on The Big Island of Hawai’i!
Could we prepare ourselves better for life and all it has to offer us?…
If we just stepped back first and got to know ourselves deeper, to find out more clearly who we Really are?
And what we truly want to do with our lives, and how we want to express our unique gifts, skills and talents to the World?
To live life on the edge.
Do you feel like, yes, you really want to, if you just knew how?
Is there another way open to you, than only what you are being told by your culture, society, boss, parents, family, friends or educational institutions?
YES, you guessed it, there is, you’ve just found it, or more accurately it just found you! 
Welcome to The S.H.A.M.A.N. School Intensive 1-Year Foundation Level Program!
So if you feel the alignment and calling you can now click HERE to find out more of the juicy details.
Our new 2017 and 2018 dates have just been released!
What’s more you can get your FREE 4 Video Training Series of’ The Four Simple Solutions To Being Able To Live Your Life To The Max’!
This video training series gives you a deep clarity for the true nature, foundation and roots, that give The S.H.A.M.A.N. School it’s infinite power and potential.
To support you in your journey wherever you find yourself right now!
YES that’s it, you heard it correctly four inspirational training videos for FREE.
Simply by clicking on the following link:
Don’t miss out on this special and magical new S.H.A.M.A.N. School launch 50% discount while it is still available!
And we only can give this life-changing opportunity to 30 pioneering students, for our 2017 Program!
So you Must Act fast, if you want to be one of the fortunate ones! 
(For we believe that we all make our own luck in this World!)
Come be one of the first to join us in Hawai’i!
On our Intensive S.H.A.M.A.N. School 1-Year Foundation Level 2017/2018 Conscious Leadership, Apprenticeship, Entrepreneur and Shamanic Co-Facilitator Program.
We’d love to have you come share a part of your lives here on this tropical island paradise with us, right smack bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Thank you and Mahalo Always,
We. Are. Love.
The Heart Energy Medicine Tribe


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