Seasons Greetings
Well it’s that time of year again when we close the old version of ourselves to make way for the new version of ourselves.
Where we make endless streams of New Year’s resolutions and Christmas promises… only to break them a few weeks/months later!
All absolutely with great intentions behind them no doubt, but for most part unfortunately without enough fuel to make them last the entire journey!
Why is this?
This is mainly because most of us are terrible at ONE thing…
Yep you guessed it… Finishing what we start no matter what!
I.e. Lack of Commitment. Trust. Commitment. Trust. Commitment. Trust.
For if you break a promise to yourself today, how can you trust yourself whatever you say you will do, tomorrow?
You simply can’t, or at least it gets more and more difficult the more promises you break!
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Funny enough, isn’t that also why most relationships and marriages end up failing – due to a lack of trust and/or commitment to your partner, through thick and thin?
It doesn’t matter what we wish for and promise to do or not do for the New Year…
What we really are all are seeking underneath, is actually how to invite more TRUST, COMMITMENT and most importantly LOVE into our lives.
So that we can feel more whole, happy and complete with ourselves…
And hence automatically giving us the strength within, to make us feel courageous enough, to get our lives completely unstuck and create our dreams with our own hands…
To overcome all of the obstacles life throws at us at the same time, to get us to them eventually!
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As we often find out for ourselves…
There’s one thing understanding what true love is, and that we need to remember how to activate it and tap into it in our lives more and more everyday…
And there’s another one actually finding it and actually making it happen for ourselves on the inside and on the outside.
The main reason for this is most of the time we are just looking in completely the wrong place without knowing it…
And attempting to literally do everything the wrong way around.
Instead of only looking and seeking for love on the outside of ourselves, through another person.
Should we maybe stop for a moment, and find that love for own selves first?
And then and only then, maybe the love we seek, will naturally more likely magnetize itself to us from the outside?
Tell us please what you think in the comments at the end of the video…we would love to hear from you!
Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 to you wherever you are!
Heart Energy Medicine is our gift to you and the World.
We wish you find all the Abundance & Love you deserve in 2017, to be able live your fullest most potential.
Make it the Best year Ever! …It’s all in your hands remember…nobody else’s!
We. Are. Love.
The Heart Energy Medicine Tribe

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