Abracadabra literally means, 'I create what I speak!'

Make happiness your number 1 intention WITH...


Guiding YOU NOW to become the change YOU wish to see in the world NOW. Let's learn together how to continuously and effectively keep pushing and challenging ourselves in life, to reach new peak, fresh and healthy levels of depth, awareness, success, vitality and satisfaction with the lives we are designing, engineering and creating.

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We ARE home. We ARE family. We ARE abundant!

Our H.E.M. Vision Statement:

Our Community Vision is to create, grow and share Heart Energy Medicine inspirational media, energizing tools and empowering experiences, throughout the World, ready for 2032, the start of our New Golden Age.


Our H.E.M. Unifying Mission and Purpose:

– To spread a message of love, peace, beauty and internal balance through the creative human art of ideas, insights and action, throughout the world and throughout the cosmos.

– To give people the chance to be a part of something positive, grow internally and the opportunity to really make a difference in the world.

– To enhance our awareness, feeling and sensitivity to life, the spirit and the energy in the universe, through the interaction with others from around the globe and our living breathing planet.

– To explore the mystery of life, question consciousness, reality, and the power of the mind.

– To help awaken the inner warrior that is in everyone, encouraging us to follow our hearts and live our dreams.

– To restore our deep inner connection with the natural world, and in doing so help guide people to guide themselves in re-discovering the path to spiritual enlightenment and the power of living in the now.

– To ultimately act as a pointer tool to the realization of who we really are – that we are already whole, complete, happy and perfect if we just learn how to open our eyes, open our minds and open our hearts  to it.

– To encourage and wake people up to the truth of ‘what am I?’ Not only as a mental concept, but from the deepest place of Being, and from there then actually going on to living out their highest truth and divine purpose in life; with focus, commitment and through taking action.

– To support, empower, and celebrate indigenous cultures and native peoples of the world through their rituals, ceremonies, arts and traditions.

– To aid indigenous communities in their struggle for self-sustainability, economic autonomy and ultimately, towards a better life for all.

– To create a network of conscious creative life actors and artists from all over the world, individualized by our unique diversity but bound by our common unity.

– To form a global alliance made-up of the world’s greatest minds, influential voices, powerful leaders, innovators, and radical change-makers, unifying our intention to make the world a better place.

– To re-build together an evolved society and planet where everybody can live out and freely express their unique genius, mastery and gifts.

– To become a dream incubator, where new projects and ideas that serve the greater good and greater whole can be birthed, with all resources easily accessible and abundantly available.

– To nourish and nurture our Mother Nature the same as she nourishes and nurtures us.

– To be responsible volunteers, guardians, caretakers and protectors of these lands and the sacred sites of our ancestors.

– To take utmost care of our environment with complete mindfulness and awareness, and to embody a deeply conservative and sustainable approach in everything we do.

– To play a leading role in bridging the gap and creating a healthy happy relationship between science, business, and spirituality.

– To showcase and make available to the public some of the most profoundly advanced and cutting edge technologies the world has ever seen.

– To set an example and set a high quality standard for creating together a new world signifying our return to working again efficiently within community and in total balance, harmony, communication and connection with the earth; and ourselves.

– To provide a real and tangible alternative model and solution for how to live and work within a conscious self-sustainable society, whilst at the same time successfully adopting powerfully integrative business and marketing strategies, deeply embedded within an up-to-date form of conscious capitalism.

– To teach people how to most effectively use deep healing work as a transformative tool, and how to integrate safely and most effectively the visions and insights received from Mother Ayahuasca and the use of other shamanic plant medicines, into the context of a newly evolved modern day world setting and culture.

– To clearly demonstrate and guide people, in how to find out for themselves the best way to most successfully apply what they learn and perceive after taking part in sacred ceremony, into their own individual life context of story, reality, current life situation and unique set of circumstances.


The Heart is the Most powerful instrument and Most advanced technology you will ever own!






HEART ENERGY MEDICINE community creates together powerfully inspirational media, and offers a wide range selection of deeply energizing tools and empowering experiences that supports and serves the evolutionary process of our planet and people to their fullest!

HEART ENERGY MEDICINE symbolically serves as a freshly up-to-date revolutionary path and instrument of the new world paradigm movement and shift that is now already taking place, by compassionately playing a role in sharing, spreading, sparking, igniting and planting the seeds of unconditional love in our Hearts forever.

HEART ENERGY MEDICINE was created for people just like you and us, people who are ready to make a stand for what they truly feel and believe in.

READY to come together in a celebration of family, community, unity and unlimited abundance.

READY to step forwards into their infinite power and to live their fullest most potential.

READY to be committed to serve themselves and therefore humanity as well, as spiritually conscious guides, entrepreneurs, healers, teachers, leaders and ambassadors of change.

READY to stop waiting for something first to happen on the outside, before they think that they can take the actions for themselves.

READY to stop giving into the heavy resistance that they continuously experience, that keeps them contained and trapped from connecting with and acting out their own true goodness and greatness.

READY to stop holding back and feeding their fear based excuses for why they aren’t living their life dreams and ambitions yet.

READY to engage their full willpower to finally be able to find enough courage inside, to follow through with what they keep saying to others and telling themselves that they will do over and over again.

READY to align their purest intention with their purest attention.

READY to focus on bringing their visions to fruition and reality. To take action to build them up step by step, rather than just keep disempowering themselves and depending on something else to make it easier for them on the outside or for someone else to even do it for them.

READY to create and integrate a healthy balanced daily routine, plan, structure and strategy into their lives to make this actually possible.

READY to find and integrate a powerful balance between the worlds; the physical and the non-physical natures of the universe, with spiritual consciousness, mindfulness and full awareness.

READY to set the best example possible for our own children and future generations, as fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, lovers, family, friends, sons and daughters.

READY to break the old inherited conditioning and negative self-limiting patterns once and for all. The self-sabotaging cycles that keep us stuck and paralyzed, confused and overwhelmed, fearful and disempowered, towards taking action and following our true heart’s voice and ultimate life calling.

READY to take the reigns back on their own lives and live out their complete destiny and mission, making the choice to share the journey together with others.

READY to put into action their goals, to taking ultimate responsibility for their lives. Through learning to live and work patiently and productively, with the daily practice of self-trust and self-love.

READY to actively design, engineer and build this dream landscape, one leap of faith at a time, the way they choose to do it, and feel that they ultimately must.









Feel your connection now to the lives of those who you will affect around you!

“It is my prayer that whoever may be reading this will find the means to open themselves to receive the deep healing medicine provided here….”

“I have had the pleasure of sitting with Marc in several sessions of the heart. Marc has helped me in cultivating awareness of my mind so it may be used as a tool to align with my heart’s intention. He teaches: attention (mind) on the intention (heart) will diligently weave the fabric which will support you in experiencing the most beautiful life imaginable. I feel as though Marc has become so refined through his own practice that whatever comes into the session with him that is not of the heart, will be filtered out effortlessly by his artistic redirection of any unfocused energies. I found that by just spending time with him, I was able to witness and realize my wholesomeness more than ever before. Very simply put, he helped me to remember who I really am and has given me the tools to remember it again the next time I am lost. He is a blessing. I thank my lucky stars for crossing paths with this lovely soul.”


– Rebecca Harmon

“Heart Energy Medicine led me honestly to the most liberating and peaceful thing I’ve done in my life….”

“My thought patterns and my belief systems were challenged, and ultimately shredded to nothingness. After my thoughts were no longer present, my heart opened up and felt the oneness of this universe. Unlike before when I just had an idea of the oneness of the universe, I felt it deep within. I was able to let go of everything I had held onto since birth. Which left me laying in a deep state of peace, stillness, and acceptance.”

– Jeremy Sommers

“Gratitude and appreciations sound trite when compared with how I feel toward you Marc and the Heart Energy Medicine tribe….”

“Well, you know. To say you are talented and impressive and mindful falls short of all that you are and all that you do. You are one of those rare, multi-talented leaders who surfaces every once in awhile, and I am thankful and enriched for having crossed paths with you. With love and best thoughts”

– Leah Blackburn