Just 7 days left of our Limited Sacred Mythic Journey March Special Discount Offering. So grab hold of it while you can!
This will save you literally an additional more than US$800 on top of the already heavily discounted offer price that we have running!
This opportunity however will only last through to the end of March 2017…
Then it will be returning to its normal price of $3800 per person as it was the the last few months just gone by.
We are all so looking forward to guiding and facilitating this cosmic adventure with you this year…
Visiting some of the most epically powerful and miraculously magical places these two countries have to offer.
You are also welcome to visit www.sacredmythicjourneys.com for more information if you wish…
If you would like to schedule a Sacred Mythic Journey Skype Interview first with us to have all of your questions answered, please follow this link:
Or alternatively, to contact us and our H.E.M support team by email at [email protected]
We are always here to support you on your journey to oneness!
So if you are ready right now to take advantage of this offer while it is still open and take the leap with us into the unknown…
Then you can by clicking on the following link below.
We also have an extended payment plan available at the same link, that you are welcome to go take a look if you feel the calling…
This is for those of you who are really wanting to make this happen for yourselves, but just need a little more time to gather together the resources.
Enjoy the rest of March everyone, and we really trust that you will be able to join us this year on our 14 Day or 28 Day Sacred Mythic Journey to Peru & Bolivia.
Its going to be amazingly transformational as always for everyone that is meant to be there to witness it!
Let’s fly like Hummingbirds together.
Thank you and Mahalo Always,
We. Are. Love.

The Heart Energy Medicine Tribe


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